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Worst Owners in Sports

By The Top 13 on April 29, 2010

With the news this week that Washington Capitals owner Ted Leonsis was nearing a deal to acquire the Washington Wizards, we couldn't help but think that the Wizards were... more

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Favorite Songs of the Dallas Cowboys | Guest List by Martellus Bennett

April 08, 2010

Music is really important to us. Everyone's listening to their iPod before games, and when we come in at halftime, guys go straight back to their iPods before the coaches... more

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People the Iron Sheik Hates | Guest List by The Iron Sheik

March 31, 2010

All of the words below were provided by the Iron Sheik (with the exception of a few editorial comments in parentheses). The views expressed in this list are those of the... more

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Ivy League Pro Athletes

By The Top 13 on March 25, 2010

Tonight, Cornell resumes its shocking run in the NCAA Tournament when it takes on top-seeded Kentucky. While few people give the Ivy League champions much of a chance to... more

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Worst Songs by Professional Athletes

By The Top 13 on March 22, 2010

Last week, pound-for-pound boxing champ Manny Pacquiao was forced to cancel a concert planned for Hawaii because of meager ticket sales. Pacquiao's bizarre foray into... more

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Most Hated Sports Teams | Reader List

March 17, 2010

Last month, we published our Top 13 Most Hated Sports Teams, and asked our readers to tell us who they hate the most. The results are in and although our readers largely... more

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Most Hated Sports Teams

By The Top 13 on February 25, 2010

With the NFL season ending earlier this month, the NBA, the NHL, and college basketball in full swing, and baseball season just around the corner, we decided it was a good... more

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NBA Slam Dunk Contest Dunks

By The Top 13 on February 10, 2010

This Saturday night, some of the NBA's highest flyers will participate in the annual Slam Dunk Contest as part of the all-star weekend festivities in Dallas. Defending... more

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Super Bowl Performances

By The Top 13 on February 04, 2010

With Super Bowl XLIV just days away, the focus in Miami this week is on who will step up from the Indianapolis Colts or New Orleans Saints to bring his team a championship.... more

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Unexpected Super Bowl Runs

By The Top 13 on January 21, 2010

This weekend, the upstart New York Jets will attempt to upset the Indianapolis Colts in the AFC Championship game and advance to the Super Bowl for the second time in... more

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Athletes of the Year

By The Top 13 on December 17, 2009

As 2009 comes to a close, The Top 13 ranks the best individual athletic performances of the year. This list spans the globe and covers a wide array of sports. And while... more

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NBA Draft Busts

By The Top 13 on December 01, 2009

Every year, NBA teams spend months interviewing and working out draft prospects to identify the sure things. And every year, some teams miss badly on draft night. With... more

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Worst Acts of Unsportsmanlike Conduct

By The Top 13 on November 11, 2009

By now, many of us have seen the shocking video of New Mexico soccer player Elizabeth Lambert violently throwing down a BYU player by her ponytail, along with her repeated... more

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Poker Players Who Have Never Won the Main Event

By The Top 13 on November 10, 2009

Tonight, ESPN airs the final table of the World Series of Poker Main Event, although it was played during two sessions over the past week. The last player standing will... more

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World Series Moments

By The Top 13 on November 04, 2009

With Game 6 of this year's Fall Classic scheduled for this evening, The Top 13 takes a look at The Top 13 World Series Moments. Not surprisingly, neither team playing... more

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