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Favorite Song Titles | Guest List by Nick Thorburn

April 20, 2010

Songwriting can be tricky. Sometimes, it's sort of like a puzzle, and the more you pile on musically, the harder it can be to wedge words in afterwards. One approach that... more

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Favorite Songs of the Dallas Cowboys | Guest List by Martellus Bennett

April 08, 2010

Music is really important to us. Everyone's listening to their iPod before games, and when we come in at halftime, guys go straight back to their iPods before the coaches... more

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People the Iron Sheik Hates | Guest List by The Iron Sheik

March 31, 2010

All of the words below were provided by the Iron Sheik (with the exception of a few editorial comments in parentheses). The views expressed in this list are those of the... more

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Hip Hop Albums of the 1990s | Guest List by Rapper Big Pooh

January 19, 2010

Putting together these 13 albums proved to be a difficult task. I'm serious, so difficult it took me over a week to finally decide on these 13 albums. I had to go with the... more

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Readable Classics | Guest List by Paul Shirley

December 15, 2009

Before I was (vaguely) known for being a misanthropic basketball player, and long before I was (even more vaguely) known for being a music writer, I was a bookworm. The... more

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Hip Hop Albums of the Decade | Guest List by Peter Rosenberg

November 09, 2009

As the decade comes to a close, Peter Rosenberg counts down his Top 13 Hip Hop Albums of the Decade. While his Top 13 includes a few of the decade's most critically... more

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