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About The Top 13

Welcome to The Top 13, where we (The Top 13), you (our readers), and some very special guests take turns ranking the best of music, movies, television, sports, arts & literature, current events, and other pop culture topics.

Here’s what you’ll find on The Top 13:

  • New Top 13 lists at least three days a week
  • Discussion of each posted Top 13 list in the comments section below each list by members of The Top 13 community
  • The majority of the Top 13 lists will represent the collective view of those of us working behind the scenes at The Top 13
  • Sometimes when we post a Top 13 list (at least once every two weeks, but usually more often), we’ll open up the topic for submissions from our members
  • Around two weeks after we open up a Top 13 topic for member submissions, we’ll post our members’ collective Top 13
  • Every so often, we’ll post a Top 13 list prepared by a special guest

You might be wondering why the entire focus of The Top 13 is on lists. Earlier this year, NPR posted this article, which does an excellent job explaining our love of lists (in list form, of course).

Finally, you’re probably wondering why we’re always counting down The Top 13, as opposed to the top 10 or any other number. Well, The Top 13’s creator was born on the 13th, wore 13 as his uniform number for as long as he played team sports, and hopes to rid the world of triskaidekaphobia.

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